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Project Spotlight – Ex-Situ Soil Remediation

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Last month, Carlson completed ex-situ soil remediation on a portion of the former Republic Steel plant on Chicago’s far south side that is being redeveloped. The soils on site contained concentrations of benzene which would have required excavation and off-site disposal in order to obtain a No Further Remediation letter for the site from the Illinois EPA. Since site development was well underway, and these soils were greatly hindering construction activities, Carlson had to quickly mobilize and complete the remediation so that the area could be released back to the contractor.

After preparing a Site Health & Safety Plan which stipulated perimeter air monitoring and upgraded PPE, remediation activities began by constructing a lined treatment cell, and excavating/transporting the impacted soils into it. The soils were treated with a specialty persulfate compound and hydrated lime. A total of 11,000 tons of soil were excavated and treated with 113 tons of hydrated lime and 134 tons of persulfate compound. Upon treatment, confirmatory soil samples were collected and analyzed on a rush turnaround. Once acceptable concentrations were documented by laboratory analysis, the soils were removed from the treatment cell for reuse on-site, saving our client potentially millions of dollars.

Carlson completed the remediation portion of this project on time, on budget, and without any accidents.

This drone shot shows the remediation area surrounded by orange fencing, several excavations, and the large treatment pad where the soils were mixed with lime and the persulfate compound.


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