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Site Investigation & Remediation

Soil & Groundwater Investigation

Carlson conducts soil and groundwater investigations to determine the extent of contamination and identify cleanup strategies.  We then develop budgets and time frames so clients can make informed business decisions about the purchase or development of a property.

Site Investigation Oversight

Carlson can provide investigation oversight services when the other side of a deal is performing an environmental investigation.  This is to assure that the investigation and sampling is being conducted appropriately with no bias.  Investigation oversight can also include “splitting samples” with the other environmental consultant, so that a comparison of analytical data can be conducted, if warranted.

Site Remediation

Upon the completion of a soil or groundwater investigation, the results may indicate that some type of remedial action is warranted.  Carlson provides turnkey project management services if a site remediation is undertaken.

No Further Remediation Letters

For many clients, a site cleanup program is a necessary step in order to obtain a “No Further Remediation” letter from a state regulatory agency.  The “NFR” letter assures buyers and developers that a site does not pose a threat to human health or the environment.

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