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Illinois To Mandate Drinking Water Testing In Schools
By Carlson Environmental | Share
12 Jan

Illinois lawmakers have taken a step to protect the health of the children of Illinois and eliminate the lead within school drinking water supplies.  Illinois is soon to be one of the few states to require all pre-kindergarten to fifth…

The Big Cover-Up
By Carlson Environmental | Share
15 Oct

Engineered barriers have become the most common cleanup strategy used to obtain No Further Remediation (NFR) letters from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s (IEPA’s) Site Remediation Program (SRP), and it is no wonder. Barriers are a flexible and economical alternative…

The Best Defense is a Good Offense
By Carlson Environmental | Share
1 Jun

Property Owners: Protect yourself with an effective environmental management program What’s the risk for property owners? Under the strict, joint and several liability provisions of CERCLA (aka Superfund), property owners are potentially liable for cleanup costs on the same legal…

Drugs in My Drinking Water?
By Carlson Environmental | Share
27 May

According to the Alliance for the Great Lakes “Recent tests have found very low levels of pharmaceuticals in Lake Michigan at the water intakes for major metropolitan centers like Chicago and Milwaukee. Testing of drinking water outside the Great Lakes…

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